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Pastor Shane Thompson

Our Mission

Welcome to What Christians Ought to Know!

Our videos and blogs are designed to play a pivotal role in nurturing the spiritual growth of Christians (We are not so hip as to say "We want to rock your Christian journey!" But we are excited about your spiritual growth.).

We offer insights, to deepen your faith and understanding of God's Word. Practical tips that can seriously "level up your faith game!" (More of that hipster language - did I say we are excited?).

Whether it's delving into the profound depths of scripture, discussing practical applications of biblical principles in everyday life, or providing encouragement and support during challenging times we want to be there for you (get a boost during tough times!).

Join us as we embark on this adventure of growth and discovery together. So, kick back, explore, and let's make this faith journey a bit more awesome together here at What Christians Ought to Know.

a crowd of people with raised hands worshipping
a crowd of people with raised hands worshipping


  • How can Christians deepen their prayer life?

  • Tips for maintaining a consistent prayer routine.

  • Overcoming challenges in prayer.

We are under construction - We will have links to specific blogs and specific video playlists soon. For now, the link will take you to our YouTube channel.

Christian Living

  • How to apply biblical principles to daily life.

  • Discovering and living out God's purpose for your life.

  • Overcoming doubts about your salvation.

  • Coping with stress and anxiety from a Christian perspective.

  • Finding hope and strength in difficult times.

  • Dealing with disappointment and setbacks.

  • Building strong Christian marriages.

  • Parenting advice from a biblical perspective.

  • Practicing self-examination and repentance.

  • Cultivating humility and a teachable spirit.

  • Overcoming pride and self-righteousness.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

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